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Shramm, the project of German musician, songwriter, and producer, Jörg Wähner, just released his new album, Androide Scrip, on March 24th via Edition Dur. Teaming up with pianist Florian Kästner and bassist Philipp Martin, the trio blend jazz and electronic elements and find a contemporary sound reminiscent of the likes of Portico Quartet, Autechre and Efdemin. Jörg Wähner performs since 2007 with the GRAMMY-nominated artist Apparat, with whom he recorded several albums and performed at major festivals and venues throughout Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to Apparat, Jörg Wähner maintains an active schedule performing and recording with a variety of original artists and groups, including Bodi Bill, The/Das, Andrra and Dieter Meier.







Shramm - Androide Scrip

ANDROIDE SCRIP is a jazz record - not mainstream, but plain and simple: piano, drums, bass. Full stop. Influenced by artists like The Bad Plus, E.S.T., Thom Yorke, Bush and Muse, the debut is not a pop, rock or electro album, even though it repeatedly uses song structures from these types of current music styles. Together with the pianist Florian Kästner and the bassist Philipp Martin, the trio around leader Jörg Wähner (Apparat, Bodi Bill, The DAS) explores the possibilities in such a way that the limits of the expected are always blown up. Produced in Moses Schneider's Hansa Studio, the album is also a revelation for curious ears in terms of sound. (Edition DUR 09, 2023)

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