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Berlin 2023

My name is Charlotte Jestaedt. After almost four years with one of the leading Jazz Management firms in Europe, I have set up my own agency ATTACHÉ+++ to serve a selected group of artists. My agency is guided by the following principles:

1. The focus is on the artist. Developing his or her career is the ultimate goal.

2. We are effective and reliable partners to promoters and venues.

3. It’s the music that counts! I am a trained Jazz singer myself and play the piano and saxophone. I have participated in the prestigious Siena Jazz Workshop with Theo Bleckmann, Jen Shyu and Susanne Abbhuel among others. And have attended numerous concerts and festivals throughout Europe. 

4. My services are personalized. Every artist is served by me personally. We discuss individual requirements on a regular basis. I secure clear and candid communication. 

5. We have a European-wide approach. I am Franco-German. I grew up in Brussels and have studied in Paris and Berlin. Through my previous work, I have developed a network of promoters and other contacts throughout Europe. I communicate in English, French, and German.

6. I strive to maximize artist and promoter revenue and apply a reasonable fee structure.

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